Friday, March 26, 2010

The Roasting Pan

Today a beautiful roasting pan joined our much too large collection of pots and pans. There's no room for it in the cupboard yet so it's current residence is on our dining table. This afternoon I was sitting at the table near the pan when Donovan came to sit in my lap. I teased him saying the pan was big enough for him to sit in. He gave me a goofy look and glanced at the pan. That's when he noticed his reflection. In the convex curve of the lid, his face was quite distorted. He giggled, moved closer and learned that his reflection became more distorted the closer he came to the pan. He began to sway forward and backward. All the while his giggles became more contagious. I joined in the fun swaying and laughing with him. At one point Donovan looked at me with a big grin and announced, "I look like Fisher". Then he was back to giggling and swaying once more.