Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ultrasound Results

Yesterday afternoon Kyle and I went to see the perinatologist. I suppose the medical reason for such a visit would be to check for birth defects. It's probably not to cause stress, but it did. I didn't realize exactly how worried I was about the visit until after it was over and suddenly I was ravenous.

I really enjoyed having this particular perinatologist read the scans. He's the same one we saw when we were waiting for Donovan to be born. Now that I've seen him twice, I think I like him because he talks about each scan. He explains what he's looking for and tells us what he thinks each measurement means. While he warned us that an ultrasound is not conclusive in ruling out Down Syndrome as a possible condition, all of the baby's measurements looked good. I was especially happy to see a full, round head.

My main concern was whether the baby's parts were all there and in working order. However, most people don't ask me about that. Most people, including my children, have been terribly concerned with the question of gender. We've put away all the little girl names for the moment and are getting ready to welcome boy number four into the family. I'm thrilled, because I absolutely enjoy little boys.

There has been some grumbling in the ranks though. This morning Conrad complained, "We don't have any girls in our family." Donovan had made the same observation a couple of weeks ago. When I reminded Donovan I was a girl he said, "No, you are a woman." Conrad, aware of that conversation, added to his complaint a definition of "girl", "A girl is a woman that is little or really young. I really wanted to have a little sister." They are sure to warm up to the idea of another brother eventually. I hope.


  1. I'm sure they'll warm up to the idea of another little boy. I'm glad to hear all the measurements look good!

  2. I'm sure you're right Holly. My boys are generally fond of babies whether they are male or female.

  3. yay! so glad to hear that everything is going well! and yes, your boys will adore their new baby brother!

    on a side note, i wanted to tell you that when you came into nursery on Sunday, you were glowing...beautiful ;)

  4. I'm so thrilled for you! I am glad to hear that all is normal so far. I wish I could meet your boys, they sound adorable. When is your due date? I didn't end up coming to Hawaii for that trip, (nor did my husband). Instead, in June we moved to Colorado! Big surprise for everyone. Here's a big congratulatory hug headed your way...

  5. Katherine! I'm so glad you're out west again.