Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ultrasound Session

Yesterday we went to First Look Sonogram to get 3-D scans of Fisher. Normally I wouldn't have done something like that because I suspect ultrasound bothers babies. Since we won't be getting much footage of Fisher I made an exception. The two scans the doctor gave me just weren't enough.

This is what I learned from the session. First, it's good to be hydrated. The technician kept commenting on how great it was that I had enough amniotic fluid to get good images. I think it may be more related to Fisher's condition than how much water I've been drinking. Second, some kids just won't cooperate. The poor technician tried putting me in several positions to dislodge Fisher's head from the uterine wall. She even had me get on my hands and knees for a while. He wouldn't budge. In fact, it seemed as if he was trying to cover up the rest of his face. Either he'd put his hand over it or he'd grab the umbilical cord and pull it up covering part of his face. He's either shy or was upset that we were disturbing his nap. The third thing I learned is that I really needed these images for healing. The only 3-D image the perinatologist took of Fisher's face was ghastly to look at and it was the last one she showed me before sending me off to see the genetic counselor. I needed to know that he would still have an adorable face in spite of it all.

I've posted a couple of the scans from the session on the right sidebar of the page. I'd do a slide show or something like it if I could figure out Picasa Web.


  1. Send me the pics. I'll make a slide show. I love the side shot. It really must be his "best" side. :) So cute. I love it! Emi and Loa said he his cute too.

  2. Thanks Ella. We have a DVD they made of the session already. I'll let you look at it when you get here.

  3. Carleigh always had her hands up by her face too. It was so cute. We got to see her suck on her hand during our session.