Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conrad's Sister Wish

He's made it very clear from the beginning of this pregnancy that he wants a sister. He was quite indignant the day I told him he would have another brother instead of a sister. Yesterday, he told me he's sad about Fisher. He's not happy his little brother won't be able to stay with us very long. Today, he's back on the sister track. When I was hanging out the wash he asked me if we could name his sister Nim. I said it was a nice name, but I didn't want to name any of my children after a movie. Besides, we don't know if there will be a sister. He wasn't so easily dissuaded and continued with the name conversation. Conrad said if we wouldn't use Nim for a name we should go back to our original plan to use Matilda for his sister. I told him I'm kind of burned out on that name since I've had to listen to "Waltzing Matilda" almost daily for a few months now. But, he insists it would be great because he could sing it to her. At the end of our conversation he added, "We can only name her Matilda if she has a brain. I don't want to give that name to a baby with anencephaly." I wish I could give him back the care-free time he had when he didn't know such things existed.


  1. I like Matilda. :) I wish we could all go back to the carefree feeling when someone is preggo. My kids think differently now too. I cried for you Thursday night. I pray that you will have time with your little baby. I pray that you will find comfort. I think about you every day.

    It is a good thing Fisher is coming to our family. I love him already and miss him already. I love you and Kyle and the boys.

  2. I've heard it said that there are times we are upheld by angels. I feel that is the case with my life right now. I've had a sense of overwhelming comfort that I can't explain any other way. Thanks for your prayers.