Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Reminders

Although there have been moments over the last week when I thought I'd forgotten what Fisher looked like, today I had little reminders. When I looked into Kyle's eyes, I realized Fisher's were shaped the same. Fisher's ears were so different from his brothers, I wasn't sure whose they were like until this afternoon when I noticed Kyle's were very similar. When Donovan took a drink from a water fountain, his ears wiggled just like Fisher's did when he was eating. When I look at Conrad or Donovan, I see Fisher's nose and I see his mouth in the shape of Donovan's. I'm glad there are so many similarities between Fisher and others in the family.


  1. It helps when you can see your baby through your children.

  2. Dear Fisher,
    I was one of the nurses at your delivery. You are in Heaven now but I wanted to let you know how lucky you are to have gotten the mommie and daddy you have. She was so excited about you and happy to have you even when she knew that you would only be on earth for a short time. Your daddy was so kind and attentive and he took so many nice pictures of you when you were born.
    Right after you were born she heard your strong heartbeat and said, "Maybe I can take him home for a couple of days" She said this with happy expectation. I was so glad to hear that God granted this wish to her.
    You brothers are pretty special too. Donovon brought you a big purple flower. Maybe that is your favorite color. Both Donovan and Conrad were so excited to meet you on your birthday. I'm glad you were able to be there to share with them.
    I know you are watching them from heaven and know the love they have for you. You are beautiful and cherished.
    I'm glad to have gotten to meet you too.
    With love,